The purpose of the Hayden Lord Park is to re-imagine an underutilized urban space to create a sustainable and educational muralscape for the enjoyment of our Bronx  Community. The heart of the project is to create an art  space featuring an organic art farm and a magnificent mosaic art installation inspired by the great Barcelonian artist, Antoni Gaudi. It is our intention that this art space will continue to evolve over time and that it will inspire  thousands of new artists to color the Bronx.

Hayden Lord ParkHayden Lord Park



The ultimate purpose of the park is to serve as a safe and beautiful communal space that lends itself to the development of strong community ties. Part of this goal is to engage children and adults from this community in the development and construction of the park, so that their artistic visions are incorporated into the design. There will be checkerboard tables, mosaic benches and an organic garden that will encourage interactions among residents. The park will serve residents of all ages from 0 to 100 years plus.

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The park will feature a beautifully landscaped organic art farm developed to illustrate the importance of permaculture and sustainable farming in the urban landscape. The farm will produce organic vegetables and herbs with an onsite water harvesting system designed to keep the farm sustainable. All the plantings will have signage to create an educational understanding of gardening and the art farm will incorporate mosaic & artfully designed bird feeders, bird baths, and sundials encouraging a harmony of nature and art.

Hayden Lord Park